How to Coordinate Fall Clothes With a Designer Handbag

Coordinating fall clothes with a designer handbag can be a challenge. If you are fortunate enough to have designer clothes along with your designer handbag, you may not have a problem! You can simply choose from the same designer’s fall lines and be on your way. However, if you are the average working woman, or even the average stay-at-home mom, you may have a designer handbag but not the designer clothing lines to match. How, then, do you find clothes that showcase and complement your lovely bag? Better still, how do you coordinate your fall line with your designer handbag?While most people would probably consider their handbag to be a complement to their clothing, this is not necessarily the case when you carry a designer handbag. Depending on how special your bag is, the clothing, and even accessories like fine jewelry, can take a backseat to the handbag. If you really want to showcase your designer handbag, you need to know how to play it up and show it off – with or without the designer labels on your clothing.Coordinating Colors and Patterns with Designer HandbagsIf you have a solid or monochromatic bag, you can show it off by wearing clothes with patterns. For example, a woman who carries a designer tote bag that is large, square and fairly neutral in color and hardware will look stunning in a pair of gingham checked linen pants, or a pair of plaid wool pants and a top to match. You could also pair this bag with a black and white outfit combination, and add shoes that won’t detract from the handbag. Here you have a winning combination of clothes, accessories and handbag. It may be subtle, but the appropriate choices of clothing and accessories are what make the bag standout.Conversely, if you have a bright or patterned bag, or even a bag of neutral tone but with a busy design, you are going to want to wear solid pants, shirts or dresses.Coordinating Shoes with Designer HandbagsIt’s also important to consider which shoes you’ll be wearing with your designer handbag. Certain shoes and shoe prints can clash with the hardware or features of your handbag. For example, if you are wearing shoes that are dainty and streamlined, this is the day to wear your designer handbag that makes a statement. On the other hand, if you’re wearing bold shoes that make a statement, they may overpower your designer bag. If your shoes are bright or they have large buckles or other eye-catching metals, they should not necessarily be worn with a bag that has these same features. Not only will it detract from the beauty of your bag, but it may just put the whole look over the top. The last thing you want to do is turn your look from classy and noticeable to gaudy. Remember that your clothes, shoes and accessories should never compete with your bag.When carrying your favorite designer handbag, it is probably wise to check that your metals are all the same tone. While some people prefer a mixed-metals look, the more classic approach is to wear them all in the same shade. If you are wearing a designer bag with gold hardware, for example, opt for shoes with gold buckles or closures as opposed to silver or brass.Coordinating Jewelry with Designer HandbagsLikewise, you do not want your jewelry to clash with your designer handbag. If your bag has platinum hardware, that is the right time to pull out the platinum jewels or wear the watch with the platinum band, especially if the watch is large or noticeable. Consider the proximity of the jewelry to the handbag. You will be wearing your watch on your wrist, and depending on how often you reach into your bag, the jewelry tones and the hardware on your bag may be seen in close proximity. You may be carrying the handbag over your shoulder, on your elbow, or even on your wrist. All of these locations will be in close proximity to your jewels. Your shoulder is right by your ears and necklace, your wrist and elbow are close to your hands. If you do wear clashing metals, they would be quite noticeable here. The same holds true with a belt. If you are wearing a belt on the same day you carry your designer bag, do so with caution and careful planning.Designer handbags are investment pieces that you’ll own for years to come. So it’s worth your time and effort to thoughtfully plan your wardrobe around them. Following these simple guidelines will help you get the most out of your designer handbag, and allow you to coordinate beautifully.